This is my attempt at a map showing the distribution of the Herschbach family in the United States. My method was simple. I took a national phone listing for the name Herschbach from Yahoo! People Search and tallied the names for each state. The dots do not represent the total number of people in each state, but give a general guide to relative numbers. In other words, there are a lot more family members in California than Nevada, and more in Nevada than Colorado.

The location of the dots in each state do not mean anything... I just put them roughly where I know people live. The relative numbers relate more to persons who actually have Herschbach for a last name. If you include all descendents, the relative numbers for Illinois/Missouri, Minnesota, and California probably increase. These are the three oldest and largest family centers, and so there are more persons in those areas descended from Herschbach daughters.

Herschbach Distribution in the United States


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