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This site is being provided as an online resource for the members of the Herschbach family in the United States. It appears that all persons with the last name of Herschbach in the United States are descended from two brothers. They were Heinrich and Gerhard Herschbach, who immigrated with their families from Germany to the United States in the 1840's. Their descendants then spread across the United States. The main goal of this site is to trace the descendants of the Herschbach family in the United States. The information provides an interesting look at how a single immigrant family has established itself in this country.

This site is the result of intensive efforts I undertook in 2000 to trace the descendants of the original Herschbach immigrants to the United States. After collecting information for about a year, this site was published in 2001. I made many updates and additions through the end of 2002. Now, after many years have passed, I must admit that my intentions to continue updating the website have gone by the wayside as I have moved on to other interests. I will keep this site archived for the foreseeable future, and I no longer will be making any additions to the site. I have also removed certain portions that were out-of-date and which would require on-going updates. Most information on living family members has been deleted from the descendants tree as were the hyperlinked family pages.

Thank you for your interest ~ Steve Herschbach

Herschbach Descendants Tree - Classic display of family descendants.

Herschbach Family History - Detailed information on the early family history

Herschbach Distribution Map - Where family members are in the United States

Herschbach Place Names - Physical locations with the name Herschbach

In Memory Of... - David and Paul Herschbach lost their lives in Vietnam

Herschbach, Germany - The family in Germany

Contributors - The people who have made this website possible

Herschbach Coat of Arms
Herschbach Coat of Arms


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