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Welcome to the website for Herschbach Enterprises, a company owned by Steve Herschbach. The company is mainly for prospecting and mining activities but is also used for subsidiary activities like writing and website publication.

This was the home page for The Herschbach Family Website but it has been reclaimed for other uses. The family tree information is archived here but will see little change for the foreseeable future.

I have been prospecting and metal detecting for over 40 years, starting with pan and sluice box, and progressing to suction dredges. Suction dredging kept me busy for many years, and I have used every size dredge from the tiny 1.5" on up to massive 8" units. I have owned many mining claims over the years, and currently have claims in Alaska. Metal detecting is something that started with me as a hobby looking for coins. Detectors improved vastly over the years and are now a very important part of my prospecting methodology. I co-founded one of the largest small scale mining stores in the country in 1976, Alaska Mining & Diving Supply, Inc. I am retired now from AMDS and am self-employed as a prospector, writer, metal detector consultant, and website designer.

My Prospecting Websites

Metal Detectors I'm currently using

Some other metal detectors I've used

Compass Yukon 77-IB, Compass Coin Magnum, Compass Gold Scanner, Compass Gold Scanner Pro, Compass X-70, Compass X-80, Fisher 1236-X2, Fisher 1280-X, Fisher CZ-5, Fisher CZ-70 Pro, Fisher CZ-3D, Fisher Gold Bug, Fisher Gold Bug 2, Fisher Gold Strike, Fisher F75, Fisher F75 Special Edition, Fisher Gold Bug SE, Fisher Gold Bug Pro, Garrett Ace 250, Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger, Garrett Infinium, Garrett AT Pro, Garrett AT Gold, Minelab Excalibur II, Minelab XT 17000, Minelab American Goldstriker, Minelab XT 18000, Minelab SD 2000, Minelab SD 2200D, Minelab SD 2200v2, Minelab GP Extreme, Minelab GP 3000, Minelab GP 3500, Minelab GPX-4000, Minelab GPX 4500, Minelab SDC 2300, Minelab X-Terra 50, Minelab X-Terra 70, Minelab X-Terra 705, Nokta FORS Gold, Tesoro Diablo, Tesoro Golden uMax, Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ, Tesoro Stingray II, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Tesoro Vaquero, Troy X-3, Troy X-5, White's Beachhunter ID, White's Coinmaster IV, White's Coinmaster V Supreme, White's DFX, White's Goldmaster, White's Goldmaster II, White's Goldmaster V/SAT, White's Goldmaster 3, White's Goldmaster 4/B, White's GMT, White's M6, White's MXT, White's Surfmaster II, White's Surf PI, White's Surf PI Pro, White's Surf PI Dual Field, White's TDI, White's TDI SL

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