Heinrich Herschbach + Susanna Unknown
Henry - Mary (Anna?) - Elizabeth - Thomas - Joseph - Peter

Heinrich Herschbach, his wife Susanna Herschbach, and their children arrived in New York on the ship Sally on August 24, 1842. The Sally set sail from Havre, France.

Heinrich and his family arrived a year and a half before Gerhard and his family. I can only surmise that perhaps Heinrich, as the older brother, went ahead to make the initial journey to the United States. Perhaps he then sent word to Gerhard to bring his family.

New York Passenger List

National Archives Series Number M237

Microfilm Number 50

Family Number 30099809

Country of Origin Deutschland (Germany)
Ship Name Sally
Ship Country ?
Ship Captain ?
Port of Departure Havre, France
Port of Arrival New York, USA
Arrival Date August 24, 1842
Heinrich Herschbach Male 32
Susanna Herschbach Female 30
Heinrich Herschbach Male 8
Anna Herschbach Female 4
Elisabetha Herschbach Female 1

More information on Heinrich Herschbach is derived from 1850 Census. Heinrich and his son both are known as Henry by 1850. The copy of the Census clearly shows the oldest daughter as Mary, while the text version of the ship's passenger list above shows her as Anna. I'm going with Mary until I receive an actual copy of the passenger list. I have found errors to be common in second-hand text information. Elisabetha is Elizabeth in 1850.

Note also the age differences. The Census shows Elizabeth and Henry as 4 years apart, while the passenger list has 7 years between them. Again, I'm assuming the passenger list was poorly transcribed, and using the 1850 Census as my main guide for now.

Finally, we have Thomas, Joseph, and Peter, all born in the United States. It seems Henry and Susanna were comfortable with their new country!

1850 Census of Illinois, Will County, page 145
Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate Value Birthplace
Henry Herschbach 40 Male Carpenter $400 Germany
Susanna Herschbach 39 Female Germany
Henry Herschbach 14 Male Germany
Mary Herschbach 12 Female Germany
Elizabeth Herschbach 10 Female Germany
Thomas Herschbach 5 Male Illinois
Joseph Herschbach 3 Male Illinois
Peter Herschbach 1 Male Illinois

Between 1850 and 1870, Henry (Heinrich), Susanna, and their oldest son Henry had moved to Minnesota. They appear on the 1870 Census in Minnesota. Most of the family descended from Henry has settled in and about Minnesota.

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