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Robert, William, Henry, August, and Charles Herschbach
Robert, William, Henry, August, and Charles Herschbach

This picture was taken in 1900. It was given to a relative by Arthur J. Herschbach, a great-grandson of William Herschbach. Anna and Frederick were deceased by the time this picture was taken. Many thanks to Velda Moore for obtaining a copy of this photo! Click here to download a large copy of this image.

From the 1850 Census of Missouri:

The 1850 Census of Missouri, of which I have a poor copy, documents the ages of the family in 1850. Frederick, Robert, and August were born after 1850.

1850 Census of Missouri
Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate Value Birthplace
Gerhard Herschbach 35 Male Farmer $500 Germany
Anna Herschbach 32 Female Germany
Anna Herschbach 7 Female Germany
William Herschbach 5 Male Missouri
Charles Herschbach 2 Male Missouri
Henry Herschbach 3mo Male Missouri

Gerhard and family moved to Randolph County, Illinois in 1853. The  1860 Census of Illinois taken on August 28, 1860 has the information below. Note the difference in birthplace listings for William, Charles, and Henry. They were actually born in Missouri. The obituary for Anna Josepha Herschbach says that Frederick (Fritz) died before the family came to Illinois from Manchester, Missouri, but the 1860 Census does show him with the family in Illinois.

1860 Census of Illinois
Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate Value Birthplace
G. Herschbach 45 Male Farmer $1200 Prussia
Anna Herschbach 42 Female Prussia
Anna Herschbach 17 Female Prussia
William Herschbach 15 Male Illinois
Charles Herschbach 12 Male Illinois
Henry Herschbach 11 Male Illinois
Fritz Herschbach 8 Male Illinois
Robert Herschbach 6 Male Illinois
August Herschbach 4 Male Illinois

Descendents of Gerhard and Anna are generally concentrated in the Illinois/Missouri area. However, their son Robert Joseph Herschbach appears to have been an adventurer of sorts. Robert moved to Oregon around 1885 and then to California about 1900. Most of the large number of Herschbachs on the Pacific Coast are descended from him.

Here is a brief synopsis of the children:

Anna Herschbach was born in July 1843 in Prussia (what was soon to become Germany). She immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1844. After settling with her family in Illinois, she married Jacob Knapp April 8, 1861 at Chester, Illinois. Their son Jacob Knapp was born about 1862. Their second son Joseph Knapp was born August 1865. Anna is believed to have died before 1900.

William Herschbach was born on April 26, 1845 at St. Louis, Missouri. He married Mary Runge on May 3, 1867 at Chester, Illinois. They had six children - Charles Henry Herschbach born February 1868; Anna B. K. Herschbach born about 1871; Wilhelmina Herschbach born March 15, 1874; Elizabeth Herschbach born about 1877; Caroline M. Herschbach born 1879; and Louis G. Herschbach born January 31, 1882.  Mary died December 23, 1912 and William died May 10, 1926. Both are buried at the Evergreen Cemetery at Chester, Illinois. Note: Daughter Anna's Marriage License lists her father's name as Wilhelm. It is possible that Wilhelm may have been Williams actual given name. This is interesting given that is is believed his grandfather's name was Wilhelm.

Charles Herschbach was born on July 11, 1848 at Manchester, Missouri. He married Caroline Albert in 1873 at Chester, Illinois. They had eleven children - Frederick John Herschbach born May 11, 1874; Catherine Herschbach born July 21, 1875; Rosine Herschbach born February 3, 1877; Anna Elisa Herschbach born February 4, 1878; Sarah Louise Herschbach born June 19, 1879; Herman Henry Herschbach born October 6, 1881; Richard William Herschbach born August 6, 1883; Anna Margaret Leona Herschbach born May 1, 1885; Augusta Wilhelmina Herschbach born February 19, 1887; Clara Elise Herschbach born January 30, 1889; and Sigmund Henry Herschbach born December 6, 1891. Caroline died August 24, 1902 and Charles died June 6, 1920. Caroline is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery at Chester, Illinois.

Henry Herschbach was born on June 3, 1850 at Manchester, Missouri. He married Carolina Wilhelmina Hartenberger on August 24, 1873 at Chester, Illinois. They had eleven children - John R. Herschbach born May 17, 1875; Edward Herschbach born January 1877; Emma Lizze Cathrine Herschbach born August 8, 1881; Willie Herschbach born April 8, 1884; Lydia Herschbach born January 1886; Henry G. Herschbach born September 1888; Frank Herschbach born July 4, 1892; Elizabeth A. Herschbach born April 1894; and Marie Herschbach born January 1897. Freddie and Mollie Herschbach both died as children, and I have been unable to find birth dates for them. Note that most of the names listed here appear to be nicknames and subject to future corrections.
Henry was a prosperous and well-known individual in Illinois. He established a wagon factory in Chester in 1872, and the wagons proved very popular. He built the Herschbach Building in Chester, still a prominent landmark in the town. The building ended up housing the first car dealership in Chester. Henry died June 2, 1945 and Carolina died October 25, 1948. Both are buried at the Evergreen Cemetery at Chester, Illinois.

Frederick Herschbach was born about 1852 at Manchester, Missouri. The obituary for Anna Josepha Herschbach says that Frederick (Fritz) died before the family came to Illinois from Manchester, Missouri, but the 1860 Census does show him with the family in Illinois. I assume, therefore, that he died sometime soon after 1860.

Robert Joseph Herschbach was born in July 1854 at Chester, Illinois. He married Mary Pettitt October 12, 1876 at Chester, Illinois. They had ten children - Wilhelmina Anna Lilla Herschbach born September 15, 1876 at Chester, Illinois; Wilhelmina Mary Josephine Herschbach born May 24, 1879 at Chester, Illinois; George William Herschbach born February 24, 1881 at Chester, Illinois; Maggie L. Herschbach born March 13, 1883 at Chester, Illinois; Robert Clarence Herschbach born July 28, 1884 in Missouri; Thomas Henry Herschbach born November 10, 1887 at Marion, Oregon; Harry A. Herschbach born October 1891 in Illinois; Mary S. Herschbach born June 1895 in Illinois; Ada M. Herschbach born June 1897 in Oregon; and Nellie Herschbach born November 1899 in Oregon. Assuming the birth places of the children are correct, it appears that Robert and Mary went to Oregon around 1885 but returned to Illinois around 1890. They then went back to Oregon about 1896. Robert and Mary left Oregon around 1900 and went to California. Mary died January 8, 1901 at San Jose, California.
Robert was remarried to Emma Lee Richards on February 1, 1903 at Mt. View, California. They had one child - Roberta J. Herschbach born sometime after 1903. Robert appears to have been quite prosperous, and it seems that sons George, Robert, and Thomas all ended up going west with their father. They originated the west coast branch of the family with individual now living from Washington to California. The largest numbers of descendents are concentrated around San Jose, California.

August F. Herschbach was born on August 12, 1856 at Chester, Illinois. He married Anna Korbus on November 26, 1880 at Nashville, Illinois. They had five children - Jacob George Herschbach born April 10, 1882; Mary Herschbach born August 16, 1885; Frank Herschbach born August 20, 1887; Augustina Herschbach born March 16, 1889; and Bertha Herschbach born July 16, 1890. Anna died December 3, 1892.
August was remarried to Salinda Clore after Anna's death. I do not know if they had any children. August died January 27, 1915. I do not know when Salinda died.

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