I am indebted to the following persons for taking the time and effort to make contributions to this effort. Many more have helped in various ways, but the following people account for the vast majority of the information included on this website. I apologize if I have neglected anyone; please let me know. My thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed!

Darrelle (Herschbach) Anderson
Jean Beerbower
Donna (Herschbach) Boatwright
Sallynda (Stuck) Bunch
Marie (Herschbach) Callis
Debbie Day
Shirley (Herschbach) DeHoff
Dorothy Erholtz
Joseph Terrence Gould
Donna (Herschbach) Grimm
Amanda Ann Herschbach
C. A. (Bud) Herschbach
Danae Karla Herschbach
Dennis Herschbach
Edward Allen Herschbach
Jennifer Robyn Herschbach
Kathleen Herschbach
Lawrence Joseph Herschbach
Maria Lynn Herschbach
Robert Edward Herschbach
Thelma Marie Herschbach
Thomas G. Herschbach
Sherrita (Herschbach) Henley
Lydia (Herschbach) Karwick
Dorothy (Herschbach) Koopman
Paul Dean Koopman
Wayne Allen Koopman
Cheri (Riggen) Lockwood
Cathy (Herschbach) Lopez
Velda Moore
Virginia (Herschbach) Natho
Debra (Herschbach) Paukert
Dana Lee (Oliver) Rotz
Mary (Melin) Russell
Toni (Carpenter) Schneider
Jamie Schwartz
Karen ( Koopman) Stauffer
Claudia (Robinette) Temmerand
Marian (Robinette) Thompson
Janet (Herschbach) Throop

Finally, I owe my biggest Thank You to my mother, Carolyn Irene (Cameron) Parker. I have no doubt my interest in family history derives from her, and she started me out with the basic family tree I have built upon. She researched all the information I have regarding my ancestry on her side of the family. Thanks Mom! This site is dedicated to you!!

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